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We live in a society that seems to obsess over the new, the shiny, and the trending.
Ironically though, what's often trending right now is 
the sustainable, refurbished, and slightly aged. 


The shipping container industry greatly supports the efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle recycle_PNG31
Made using Cor-Ten (corten) steel, a weathering steel that allows the formation of a stable rust-like appearance and eliminates the need for painting,
 shipping containers are designed to withstand all weather conditions and outlive any other portable storage option on the market today.

Steel shipping containers have a general lifespan of up to twenty years and the potential to save you up to $25,000+ in supplementary personal storage options. Not only do steel containers allow for long-term, reliable storage, but they offer the possibility of modifying and upgrading specifically to meet your needs,
without dealing with large companies or manufacturers. Modifications range from interior insulation, electrical installation, and plumbing,
to installing shelving, windows, doors, and even creating portable offices or homes. The possibilities are endless.



At FAB-CON we make sure to provide our clients with a variety of container conditions and sizes.
The sizing chart below outlines the most common or standard container dimensions available today.

Suitable sizing is based on your specific needs and applications for the unit.

     Unit Type     Dimensions ( L x W x H)
10' Standard Steel Container 10' x 8' x 8'6"
20' Standard Steel Container 20' x 8' x 8'6"
20' High Cube Steel Container 20' x 8' x 9'6"
40' Standard Steel Container 40' x 8' x 8'6"
40' High Cube Steel Container 40' x 8' x 9'6"
45' High Cube Steel Container 45' x 8' x 9'6"
53' High Cube Steel Container 53' x 8' x 9'6"

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