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Get the most of your container investment with the addition of accessories. 
Container accessories allow you to take full advantage of your container's security, reliability, and space. 
Let our expertise in the shipping container industry guide you to a fully equipped and suitable container.

This is the most common lock for container security.
Often a lockbox is recommended for additional protection.

Lockboxes are used in addition to a basic or block lock.
With one piece welded or bolted to each one of the cargo doors,
this lockbox acts as a protector for your lock to prevent break-ins and theft.

This lock featured two steel plates, each welded or bolted to each of the cargo doors.
 The puck sits between the plates locking cargo doors together.

Used for additional airflow, these vents are installed by cutting an opening
on the container to match the size of the vent opening.
The vent is then put into place by simply covering the opening.
 This is a quick solution for ventilation and is only recommended for storage purposes.

 StackingPinorTwistLo...  StackingPinorTwistLo...
These pins are designed to securely stack empty or loaded
shipping containers on top of one another. They feature a twisting lock that connects to corner castings
on the container, keeping everything firmly in place.Treated with a galvanized finish,
stacking pins will stand up to the most rigorous environments.

This structural element allows shipping containers to be connected
to one another both horizontally or vertically, and to transport modes including ship, rail, and road.
Corner castings also allow for easy pickup and relocation.

The feature to the left of the photo is pipe racks.
This system provides four support arms at a 30-degree angle.
 Each arm includes a rolling
stop for added safety.
Designed to keep pipes secure, the racking systems avoids material
 movement throughout transportation and storage duratio

The shelving unit to the right uses two pieces of construction grade wood per shelf.
The load rating is 1100 lbs per bracket.
The brackets are supplied by us but we leave the shelving material to you.









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